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From Model to a Porn Star – Real Stories

The real life of actresses of “strawberry” genre is often a big mystery for fans. What was their past? Today many of them they like other women are wives & caring mothers. They start own businesses and writes books. Surprisingly, many sexy females live a completely normal life, and even on Instagram, they spread not only erotic shots, but also pretty decent pictures: moments of cooking, reading books and playing sports. Porn actresses also show off their pets and restaurant visits maybe because once upon a time they were models and used to cameras and lights. read more

Is There Any Use in Watching Porn?

Do you like to watch porn movies? No need to blush! Most of us (in fact, all) are happy to occasionally open porn sites and enjoy watching videos. And there is nothing shameful in this: masturbation reduces stress and sexual tension. Hot content helps to achieve pleasure faster, and often expands our sexual horizons, teaching something new.

Here some benefits of this exciting entertainment:

  • Science confirms the usefulness of watching porn. And it’s hard to argue with scientists. Of course, if you indulge in adult content for a long time, you can develop various complexes that will affect your real sexual life. But you and I are not like that. The amount of porn that we can view only helps to get rid of the complexes and diversify their horizons.
  • Porn unites partners. Especially if the couple decided to watch an adult movie together. Experts say that it helps the lovers to relax physically and emotionally.
  • It is fun and an alternative to dealing with depression. After masturbation, adrenaline is released, which reduces the risk of bad mood. It’s simple.
  • Other people’s fantasies can inspire. Thus, a partner will know more about his/her sexuality and will become just a goddess in bed.

However, are there any cons in spending time with sex films? Let’s find out.

Plus: relieves stress

Adult movies are much better than, for example, drinking alcohol or smoking. They provoke endorphin and oxytocin – hormones of happiness and love. Isn’t that great? read more

Watching Porn and Family Relations

Porn movie is a great prelude. Watching it can be a super start to intercourse. But sexologists recommend using such a tool for this no more than once a week. In fact, researchers at Stanford University discovered that the sexual life of about 200 thousand Americans is directly dependent on hot content.

However, some people think that if a partner is watching porn and masturbate alone when his/her beloved is sleeping in the next room, this is equal to betrayal.

There are some questions to answer: read more